The Feel Good Movement

A Message from Oonagh..

If you told my 20 year old self that I would become a fitness expert, I would have tripped over my platform boots and dropped my cigarette.

I am definitely not one of those girls that came out of the womb doing cartwheels.

More of a participation ribbon kind of kid.

While other kids were running around the school yard, I would have been hiding under the portable reading Harriet the Spy.

In high school I had lovely friends who were rosy-cheeked team sports girls, but I was more likely to be found auditioning for Cabaret or irritating my teachers by circulating a petition about how everything in my school was totally sexist.

I know that the standard narrative here is that I used to be sad and lonely and fat and now I’m active and thin and happy and if you do what I say you can be just like me. But actually…in my pre-fitness days, I was totally awesome. I did outrageous shit and had awesome friends and felt lovable…even though I was physically out of shape.

(did you hear that? The fitness industry just exploded).

So why am I in this industry? Why am I – now – the person who is always challenging  you to drink more water, take deep breaths, eat your veggies and wake up at 6am to sweat your ass off?

Because here’s the deal: there is a whole other world out there.

When I started to get healthier…when I swallowed my pride and took that first wheezing, shuffling jog, when I tripped over my feet at the back of my first fitness class, when I first chose the side salad instead of the fries…. I started to feel like my outside was matching my inside.

I was always proud of my work and my ideas, but I wouldn’t say I was proud of my body.

  • I wasn’t proud of the way it looked (no thanks, social swimsuit situations.).
  • I wasn’t proud of the way it performed (no one likes to be the only one out of breath at the top of the stairs).

When I started to get healthier, it was like my body and my physicality finally matched who I AM.

And this is what I want for everyone. I want you to feel alive and agile and energetic in every cell of your body.

My Mission is:

  • to educate you so that you feel empowered to make healthy choices for the rest of your life
  • to show you that exercising can be fun. Training is not that serious. Anyone who is trying to tell you that you can do it ‘wrong’ is just trying to sell you something.
  • to encourage you to integrate movement into your life. You are too busy to be a slave to the gym. Most of my clients don’t go to the gym at all.
  • to have you experience the total body (and mood) transformation that happens when you start to eat like the champion you are.
  • to show you that this healthy living shiz is actually way easier than you think. It just takes different habits.
  • to get you feeling good NOW (and the looking good will soon take care of itself 🙂)

I really hope that you to accept and love yourself NOW. I bet you are awesome and hilarious and a great friend and have wicked fashion sense. But I also hope that you love yourself enough to know you have enormous untapped potential.

Let me show you.