Book Resources For Healthy Motherf*ckers

Hey there, book reader! Good for you for taking action and coming to this page to get tools and resources to help you get lean, healthy and generally kick ass at life! Below you’ll find all the resources I referenced in Healthy As F*ck and Ditch The Diet.

  • Your Healthy As F*ck Playlist

To work out like a champion, sometimes you need music that makes you feel like one! If you don’t have a playlist of sick tunes that make you feel like strutting, here’s a few of mine:

Eye of the Tiger Confidence Mix

80s Training Montage

Party Like It’s Your Birthday

  • Muffin Top/Belly Assessment

Trying to figure out whether weight loss is really a worthy project for you right now? There’s lots to take into account (like how much YOU actually give a shit) but if you want a simple health diagnostic tool, ditch the bullshit BMI chart at your doctor’s office and instead do a quick assessment of your waist to hip ratio – it’s a much better indicator as to whether your belly fat is actually unhealthy:

Step #1 – Measure Your Waist 
To get an accurate waist girth, measure the midpoint between lowest rib and hip bones. And ideal range for men would be < 94 cm or 37.6 inches, while women’s ideal would be < 80cm or 32 inches. 

Step #2 – Measure Your Hips 
To get an accurate hip measurement, measure right around the bubble of your bum. 

Step #3 – Find Your Waist/Hip Ratio 
Enter your measurements into the calculator to find your ratio! The ideal ratio for men is <.9 and for women it’s <.8

Step #4 – Don’t Freak The Fuck Out if You Have A Less Than Ideal Ratio 
The only thing that means is that you (like, um, MOST people) could stand to lose a little belly fat for optimal health. Remember that it’s always up to choose the amount of Fs you actually give. Not some calculator.

  • Meal Prep Power Hour

This is my Meal Prep Power Hour System that I detail in the book. This free download will allow you to print it out for reference and grab my awesome hummus and dressing recipe. If you loooove Meal Prep, I have a whole month of dinner recipes done for you here.

  • The Best Free Fitness On The Web

Guess what is totally free? Moving your sweet ass body and not eating bullshit that will make you feel like crap.

And just in case you find yourself going down a Google hole of crappy workouts and sub-par muffin recipes – I’ve curated the best free fitness on the web for you.

  • The 7 Minute Scientific Workout

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to workout (more importantly – don’t tell yourself that shit!). You have seven minutes. The wisest way to use them is right in this video:

  • Sleep Meditation

This is one of my favourite meditations, that usually puts me in a coma. Give it a listen when you’re ready to call in some sleep!

  • Join The 28 Day Transformation

If you’d like to take the next step on your Healthy As F*ck journey, my 28-Day Transformation program is your chance to work with me on building these new healthy habits.


  • Healthy Motherf*cking Apps

Let's make technology your bitch.

Rabbit (iOS) will send you notifications at prechosen intervals to take a break, drink some water, etc.
Persistence (iOS) allows you to see statistical analysis of your habit patterns.
Stikk (iOS and Android) has the option to put money on the line if you don’t stick with your habit.

Insight Timer

Eat Slower
80 Bites

Sobriety Counter
Getcher Veggies In
Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

Zombies Run
Nike Training Club

  • Other Resources

Here’s a few other programs from around the Internet that I think Healthy MF’ers should know about:


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