Any trainer will tell you that their clients are always asking for more core and glute training. We try to talk to you about flexibility and functional training and teach you about your rhomboids and you respond like you’ve just spent $200 to go see Van Morrison and he wants show you his new stuff and refuse to play Brown Eyed Girl. So for those of you who just want us trainers to stick to the hits, I give you the Butts & Guts Challenge.

But this is a Butts & Guts Challenge with a twist. We all know that you can’t ‘spot reduce’, right? RIGHT? If you’ve read a magazine in the past 15 years you will have heard the news that crunches won’t give you a six pack, dips won’t get rid of the fat under your arms, the Thigh Master won’t slim your thighs (sorry, Suzanne):


To achieve all of these desired results, you must reduce body fat. You reduce body fat by consuming fewer calories than you expend. So I’m afraid you just have to  to ‘eat right and exercise’ – which is the most unwelcome fitness advice ever (and doesn’t sell SHIT. Suzanne knows it). So this Challenge adds the ‘eat right’ to the ‘exercise’, including a nutritional component to the four week progressive glute and core training program. So not only do you get stronger glutes and abs…you actually have a chance of actually seeing a difference in your body. How’s that for a hit?

Save the Challenge to your phone by downloading here:

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I eat one-legged Glute Bridges for breakfast. How can I make this harder?

I’m so glad you asked! If you are an experienced exerciser, I want you to double the number of sets and do 10-20 jump squats in between each round. The jump squats are great plyometric training for the glutes and the high intensity cardio is going to rev up your metabolism and keep the calories coming off.

I’m scared. How can I make this easier?

Take your time to get through each exercise. There is no benefit to rushing and you’ll get better results by going slow. Take more break days and repeat the first week until you are ready to move on.

What the heck is a Bug Crunch?

Videos of me crunching and planking and kicking all below. 🙂

If you have any other questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. And feel free to forward to anyone who likes a good challenge!