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Transform Your Body and Health In 28 Days:




Why This Actually

(No Matter How Many Times You've Tried Getting Fit Before)

No Diets. Just Real Food. 

You are DONE with the gimmicks, fad diets, hype and information overwhelm. It's time to let an expert give you a system to simplify your healthy lifestyle so it is sustainable for the long term. 

You'll Get Noticeable Results In Less Time. 

Need motivation? Let a multi-award winning trainer show you how to trigger immediately noticeable fitness results with a powerful home training system that takes less than 30 mins.

No expensive equipment or gym membership. Just press play on the video and get strong with YOUR personal trainer. Need personalized modifications from an expert? Just ask. Because... ↓

You Have A Personal Trainer And Nutritionist On Call. For A Month 

You have tried to do this on your own and you know that it's time to get serious. That your health is worth investing in 24/7 support from a top trainer and a nutrition coach.

We've Taken Care Of Everything For You

You'll see why Transformers have said "This was like a vacation for my brain" When it's easy, you will actually DO it.

This Is A Habits Based System

This is a unique system that triggers immediate results while at the same time building the psychological foundation for long term habits.

And with a 5-Star Google Review rating and 97% of past participants saying 'This program changed my life' - this is not your standard weight loss program but a lifestyle.

Which is why people are posting stuff like ↓this↓ after only two weeks : 


PART ONE: The Complete

Transformation Nutrition System

Ok - this isn't some random assortment of healthy recipes that you could just pull off The Net.

This is a PROCESS - designed by a Dietician - to eliminate sugar addiction, root out sensitivities and intolerances and restore optimal functioning and vitality of the body.

Say goodbye to your bad habits and bloated belly... and hello to the abs (and energy) about to be made in your kitchen. 

The Transformation Nutrition System includes:

  • Weekly meal plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a whole separate system for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Kid-friendly meal hacks so you don’t have to make an entire new dinner for the little ones (no more shovelling leftover KD into your mouth because you didn’t have time to make two meals!)
  • Done-for-you grocery lists so you don't have to think. Just buy what's on the grocery list, cook the easy recipe and the results will take care of themselves
  • On-demand access to our in-house nutrition ninja—just ask anytime you need to sub out an ingredient or two! Gluten free kosher vegan with nut allergies? Bring it.

Valued at $499

No need to think- just buy what's on the grocery list, cook the easy recipes, and the results will take care of themselves.

Easy recipes that even your picky kids will love!

PART TWO: Oonagh’s Signature
Home Training Program

You are done with wasting your time on workouts that don't deliver visible results. Let a multi-award winning trainer show you exactly how to get maximum results in a minimal amount of time. And maybe even have some fun doing it... :)

Best of all - you can get the best body of your life in 28 mins without leaving the house or buying any expensive equipment.

Just follow your exclusive twelve-video series and I'll show you how to engineer something called “after burn” which keeps the calories burning long after your workout!

  • Easy-to-follow exercise videos that top out at 28 minutes! 
  • The workouts get progressively harder as you get stronger so there's no chance of a plateau and you'll never be bored
  • Oonagh's signature formula keeps on burning calories long after you’ve finished your dips and burpees 
  • Access to Oonagh and her team if you need any personalized modifications!

Valued at $399

Ready to get lean and strong?

PART THREE: 24/7 Support From Your Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Do your friends know whether chickpeas are a protein or a carb? Whether planking is ok if you have a bad back? No?

Then you might want to join the Transformation Challenge and get access to:

  • A month of your own Nutrition coach and Personal Trainer in your Private Facebook Group
  • ...Which is why my team and I will all answer your questions before you even finish typing them

Think of it: Have you ever had a top trainer and nutrition coach on call for a whole month?

If you've tried to get fit on your own before and plateaued, this level of expertise and support will make the difference.

Valued at $1500

It's the support that makes the difference.

Join the 28 Day Transformation Challenge today and...

You'll get access to every video, meal plan, grocery list and checklist you need to create and sustain your personal transformation, including...

  • Complete Nutrition System: 4 Weeks of “Holy Deliciousness!” Meal Plans Omnivores, Vegetarians and Vegans.
  • Signature Home Training Program: 12 Amazing Workout Videos + PDFs
  • A whole month of 24/7 on-demand support from top nutrition and fitness experts in the Private Facebook Group
  • Easy-to-follow manual with weekly meal plans (with kid-friendly options!) and fully customizable grocery lists

Get personal trainer-level support at a fraction of the cost, plus...

  • Private Facebook Group with exclusive support from Top industry professionals
  • Lifetime access to the entire system 
  • The Fit Feels Good Resource Library (Includes: Dining Out Guide, Healthy lunches sampler, Navigating the Holidays, Perfect Pantry Checklist, Snacking Solutions ebook
  • The Flat Belly Strong Core Program (to target the midsection!)
  • The Kid-Friendly Cookbook
  • Dress Right For Your Body Type Exclusive Webinar with Ada DeFerarri

Regularly $297, but for this limited you can save $100 and join for just...


2 Payments of

$99 USD


Single Payment of

$197 USD

I am so confident that you will get amazing results for this program that I will

happily refund your investment if you are unsatisfied after trying the first week.

OK, Major bonus situation for you here.


Valued at $197


  • The Family-friendly Meal Sampler
  • Dining Out Guide (so you always have a plan!)
  • Navigating the Holidays (healthy Thanksgiving treats anyone?)
  • Perfect Pantry Checklist
  • The Snacking Solutions ebook
  • The Kid Friendly Meal Sampler
  • The Run Training Guide


Valued at $99

This is a bonus program and extra workouts for anyone who really wants to target their midsection. Post-partum mamas, this is where you’ll find your diastasis-friendly solutions!


Valued at $997

Never worry about missing a workout or delicious meal because you have lifetime access to the member’s site and entire Transformation System.


How To Beat Sore Wrists + Knees

Valued at $69

Got sore knees or sore wrists? Learn how to modify your exercises to stop pain from being a barrier to your fitness. Exercise should never hurt!

Plus You'll Be Invited To Join:

Valued at $997

The support in this program is off the hook! Every year my transformers are blown away by the personalized feedback from me and my team of experts. 

This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately, and get pumped from the results other transformers are getting!

The FAQs

I am a vegan / I have food allergies…can I still do the program?

Heck yes!

This program comes with both Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition systems.

All our meals are gluten free and mostly dairy free.

And let's say you are some kind of freak who only eats grassfed bananas or whatever?

Just tag your on-call nutrition expert in the Facebook group and she'll come up with some personalized modifications just for you. x

How much time will this actually take? My days are already crazy!

Saving my Transformers time and effort is my PASSION

That's why everything is done for you - all you have to do is execute and watch the results on your sweet, sweet bod.

And execution is easy with simple recipes, pre-prepped grocery lists, 28 min at-home workouts and meal prep checklists.

No thinking required. So much time saved.

How much does it cost?

Think of how much it would normally cost you to have access to a world-class Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

for a whole month...

Now you get the exact same benefits and services at a FRACTION of the investment.  With that kind of support, the Challenge is easily worth several thousand dollars - and totally worth it to change the course of your health. But you only need to invest $297USD to get life-changing results. And if you don't think this program is going to be a total game-changer for you, you can get your money back after participating for a week. No problem.

Is this appropriate for families?

A lot of our Transformers LOVE the impact this program has on their family and the only

problem is that the leftovers go too fast!  I'd suggest doubling that delicious recipe, Mama.

Oh - and if you are nursing or recently post partum, I've included a

Core Training Guide and nutritional adaptations for you too. x

Will you be offering this program again later?

Yup! But not until much later in 2020... 

Are there any ongoing fees?

Nope. Once you sign up, you have Lifetime Access to your Private Membership Site.

This is the hub where you will find everything you need to get healthy, strong and lean in 28 Days.

So just in case you ever want to repeat the whole process from the start, just login and let the good times roll.

Who is this for?

This is for people who are ready to try something DIFFERENT. They have tried everything and are ready for a proven

habits-based system so they can get this done once and for all.

This is for people who are overwhelmed and want an expert to just tell them what actually works.

This is for people who KNOW what to do, they just can't make themselves DO it.

This is for people who want a kickstart to feeling good again...

People like this:

"Here's my progress after 28 days! Thanks Oonagh for showing me the way...& everyone else in this group for your support and encouragement from the minute I became part of this awesome community."

Susan W, Transformer



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