Deb is like so many of my clients in that she is a working mum with tons on her plate. And yet there she is at 6am, ready to kick it into high gear.  In the words of her fellow East End Bootcamper, Michelle: “Deb is the Bootcamper that is always 2..3….14 steps ahead of everyone else.”  Her trainer, Trevor, agrees: “Deb is super friendly but also very tough. She always shows up with a great attitude and a badass work ethic. I think this pushes everyone in the group to work harder too.”







How long have you been training with us?

1 year!


The Riverdale team celebrating their one year Anniversary with coconut water after the morning workout


…and with different beverages in the evening. #workhardplayhard


Were you always an exerciser? What did you do for your fitness before signing up with FFG?

Sorta?! Hot yoga, Pilates, running nothing ever super consistent. Snowboarding in my past life

What made you sign up for a FFG Bootcamp?

If my sister in law can do it… can I

 (Oonagh’s note: This is why a million gajillion studies show that exercising in groups or with a buddy is more effective than getting your workouts in solo: social support….and mayyyyyyyybe a little competition)

How has being an FFG Bootcamper changed your life?

Way more energy and the feeling of accomplishment before 7:00 am!

What do you do when you are not Bootcamping?

Kids. Wine. Kids. Work. Wine. Kids. Lol

What’s your major fitness goal right now?

To be in better shape at 44 than 34; maybe one day accomplish a pistol squat?!

This is totally Deb doing a pistol squat in the future.

This is totally future Deb doing a pistol squat.

What about coming to Bootcamp makes you jump out of bed at 5am singing the Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music?

That it’s the hardest part of the day and you are dominating it first thing! Makes the rest of the day way more manageable!

What exercise or drill makes you cower under your bed covers and pretend you don’t hear your alarm?

Burpees up the hill Jesus

The Annex Not So Early Risers doing burpees up the hill. It was a popular workout with everyone.

The Annex Not So Early Risers doing burpees up the hill. It was a popular workout with everyone.

Best/funniest bootcamp moment?

Falling over doing a reverse lunge when our instructor Trevor told us that the rap song we were listening to was so eloquently called “bang your bitch music” by his mom!!!


parental advisory

Mrs. Pickett advises.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out with FFG Bootcamps or just thinking about it?

That you will feel the best you’ve ever felt, way more energy and your fitness goals can and will be achieved!

What is the accomplishment or personal milestone you are most proud of?

That I can actually do a proper push up….and more than one in a row!

(Oonagh’s note: Deb is being falsely modest here. Here she is doing the Roxanne Challenge with me and she nailed it. It’s no joke. )


Were you inspired by Deb’s Fitness Story? Want to congratulate Deb on the fact that she’s going to be fitter at 44 than 34? If so, comment below!