Drake is one of the reasons I love our co-ed Bootcamps. Although most Group Exercise classes tend to be mostly women, sometimes a good dose of testosterone is what’s needed to amp up the intensity and add a little friendly competition. Drake will never say die during a challenge (9 min wall sit, anyone?) but he’s not afraid to do it in florescent orange leggings. I had an email malfunction and he teased me by calling my company Spam Feels Good (jerk! :)) but he also brought banana bread (that he had made with his sons) and candles to Bootcamp on my birthday last year.


The Not So Early Risers class is one of the most social and hilarious groups I’ve ever worked with and a lot of that has to do with the awesome energy that Drake brings to every class.







How long have you been training with us?

18 months

Were you always an exerciser? What did you do for your fitness before signing up with FFG?

Yes –  but always in team sports.  Hockey and Ultimate kept me fit – until kids intervened.

What made you sign up for a FFG Bootcamp?

Limited time meant I wasn’t exercising like I wanted to.  Plus, despite best intentions, I don’t go to the gym or run.

I need a group for motivation.

How has being an FFG Bootcamper changed your life?

I’m in decent shape! 

..plus I now know so many more words and phrases from the Urban Dictionary.

(Oonagh’s disclaimer: the – ahem- colourful language of the 9:45am class is not necessarily Fit Feels Good Bootcamp policy. But it’s a bonus 🙂

What do you do when you are not Bootcamping?

Work and kids.  And currently obsessing over the Jays.

What’s your major fitness goal right now?

I’m feeling good on the fitness.

Need to focus on not eating like I’m a sumo wrestler.
No one is eating like a sumo wrestler but definitely enjoying Drake's home made post-bootcamp burgers

No one is eating like a sumo wrestler but definitely enjoying Drake’s home made post-bootcamp burgers

Best/funniest Bootcamp moment?

Funniest is almost every class.

Somehow Oonagh keeps us on track.
Best was the semi-formal workout.  Crazy and so sweaty.

Push ups and pearls at the 2014 semi-formal Bootcamp

Dirty knees, look at these.. (QUADS)

Bridesmaids dresses live again for burpees

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out with FFG Bootcamps or just thinking about it?

If there is any chance you will ever like a Bootcamp, this is it. 

Ass kicking with a side order of fun.

ass kicking

ass kicking


ass kicking + fun

What is the accomplishment or personal milestone you are most proud of?

10 chinups. 

Did you find Drake’s Fitness Story inspiring? Are you digging his sweet camo suit? Leave a comment below!