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No matter which title you read, Oonagh Duncan’s best-selling book will teach you the habits you need to get lean, stay healthy and generally kick ass at life.

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“A no-BS guide to looking and feeling your best that doesn’t make you want to cry into a salad? Hell yes!”

-Sarah Knight 
New York Times bestselling author of Calm the Fuck Down.

“Healthy As F*ck provides some foundational habits and strategies to help you make lasting, long-term changes for your wellbeing.” 

-Michael Greger, MD
New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Die.

“I love Oonagh’s ability to cut through the crap.”

-Harley Pasternak 
International bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet.

“Hilarious, laugh out loud funny and straight to the point – Oonagh doesn’t mince her words.”

-Joy McCarthy 
Holistic Nutritionist and bestselling author of Joyous Detox.

  • No More Weightloss B.S.
  • How you can CHOOSE the exact body you want. 

  • The Jedi mindset tricks that eliminate the need for motivation and discipline. 

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Healthy MotherF*ckers (<- the only ones you need!). 

  • How to put these habits on auto-pilot (so it doesn’t feel like such a freaking EFFORT to stay healthy). 

  • How to uncover your secret weight loss sabotage and PULVERIZE it. 

  • How to quit-proof your goals. Never again will you have to ‘start over’’.  
    This is IT.
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Follow along with Oonagh as she leads you through three full body workouts that will leave you feeling amazing (and maybe flexing in the mirror a little ? .

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James Klein (Harmonium Health) is sharing his Sleep Hygiene and Checklist PDF so you can start sleeping better tonight.

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Stacey from Grow Your Own Vegetables is sharing their $97 course for free - so you can grow your own microgreens and level up your salad game.

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