It’s Your Time To Get Healthy As F*ck!

In Oonagh Duncan’s first book, you’ll learn the secret to getting lean, staying healthy and kicking ass at life!

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Refreshingly hilarious award-winning trainer Oonagh Duncan busts years of weight loss myths and offers the essential mindset and no-nonsense advice to get the healthy and happy lifestyle you want–for good.

Oonagh Duncan is cutting you off before you order yet another shot of weight loss hype. Not only is she going to put her arm around you and walk you home, she is going to give you a new plan that will leave you feeling optimistic and empowered. Forget the hangover you normally get when your weight loss venture inevitably fails. It’s time to make a real change.

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  • How you can CHOOSE the exact body you want

  • The Jedi mindset tricks that eliminate the need for motivation and discipline

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Healthy MotherF*ckers (<- the only ones you need!)

  • How to put these habits on auto-pilot (so it doesn’t feel like such a freaking EFFORT to stay healthy)

  • How to uncover your secret weight loss sabotage and PULVERIZE it

  • How to quit-proof your goals. Never again will you have to ‘start over’’. This is IT.


About The Author

Oonagh has helped hundreds of people all over the world change their bodies and their lives through a habits-based approach to health, weight loss and general awesomeness.

(It’s the non-batshit-crazy approach that people come to when they are finally ready to step off the diet roller coaster, start seeing some results around the belly and – most importantly – start living their damn lives instead of counting calories and carbs. )

Usually she delivers those results with her five-star-reviewed program, The 28 Day Transformation Challenge. And it works so well that 97% of people have said ‘this program changed my life’.

In Healthy as F*ck, Duncan draws on her 17 years of training experience to drop some knowledge–along with a few f-bombs–and to cut through the confusion about how to get lean and healthy once and for all.

She argues that there’s only one major difference between those rare unicorns who have managed to lose weight and keep it off and the rest of us: their habits.

Once you acknowledge that your pact to quit sugar is only in effect when it’s convenient–every day, except for birthdays or when someone brings snacks to work or when ice cream is on sale–and make a few small changes your daily routine, you’ll be one giant step closer to reaching your weight loss goals. Let Duncan teach you how to get out of your own way and set yourself up for success.

Before you know it, you’ll be healthy as f*ck and it will feel effortless!

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Healthy As F*ck