This month in my online program we are focusing Sleep and Stress Reduction and one of the tasks I’ve given my clients is to try meditating for 20 mins every day.


And let me be clear.

Most of my clients hire me because they want to lose weight and get fitter, not because they are looking for a spiritual guru.


So one of them asked,


What is the real value of adding 20 mins of daily meditation to my life? If I’m not stressed, sleep well and feel grounded in life as it is, should I bother?


To reply, I told her this story:



When I first heard that story, it really hit me. 

Because I can relate to that woman getting impatient in a yoga class.


And I know that most of my clients have a pattern like this:

  1. Run around like crazy all day –

      2. Mindlessly eating whatever comes their way because they don’t have time to prepare

      3.  They try to chill themselves out with wine at the end of the day

….. and the cycle continues until you are burnt out, overweight and exhausted.


When you take the time to meditate every day, you are:

  • less likely to overeat
  • you will not need alcohol to help you relax
  •  you will lower your levels of cortisol, which leads to retention of belly fat.


So that’s how meditating helps you lose weight.


But more importantly, meditating every day will lead to a great acceptance and love of exactly how your body is RIGHT NOW. 

 Which is obviously the whole point. 🙂


To get you started on your meditation practice, here are some of my favourite meditations available for free online plus one of my own for you:


And we use this story of a hot air balloon ride to put the kids to sleep:


Cosmic Kids Yoga Chanel also has a bunch of great guided relaxations for kids


And here’s a meditation of my own that I will often use to get grounded and get perspective: