• Introducing the
  • Masters of Fitness Awesomeness Program.

The MFA is more than a nutrition & exercise program. 

It’s a lifestyle that changes you forever.

  • And yes, it (really really) works.

“The weight continues to drop off. My body continues to get stronger. I feel like I have so much to look forward to.

- Laura Jean B.

After trying so many other 'things', I have finally arrived at the best version of me." 

- Amanda S.

  • This is what it really takes to change your body for good:

In the MFA you get A WHOLE YEAR OF:

  • Delicious weekly meal plans & grocery lists with family-approved recipes so it’s quick + easy to eat healthy
  • Easy-to-follow quick workout videos you can do at home, that get you strong and lean in the least amount of time
  • New workout program every month so you get progressively fitter and stay motivated  
  • Monthly challenges on different keystone habits to build healthy routines
  • Access to our trainers, physical therapist + nutrition coach for personalized modifications to meals and workouts
  • Mentorship and coaching from fitness, mindset & nutrition experts so you always get your questions answered
  • Meal planning software so you can customize meals for your family
  • Weekly motivation so you stay on track with your goals!
  • Monthly deep dive trainings that keep you engaged all year
  • A social support system that will make you 600% more likely to achieve your goals
  • A new lifestyle blueprint so you get lean, healthy, and feel great - for good!
  • Imagine the results you'll get with a top Trainer, a Nutrition Coach and a Mindset Expert on call for a whole year!

One time payment of 

(save a cool $300)

12 payments of 

(low monthly payment)

That’s $12,591 in value for less than a salted caramel latte a day!

Need help or have questions? 

We are standing by:

  • Side effects include muscle definition + feeling fabulous. 
  • Hi, I'm Oonagh Duncan.

And I think I can relate to where you are at right now.

I spent years trying all the diets and workout programs. I was a smoker and hated exercise. I am a busy working mum and don't have a lot of extra time.

After years of failed attempts, I finally figured it out.  

I combined 20 years of fitness expertise with the Psychology of Behaviour Change to create this program.

Here's what happened next...

My unique approach has resulted in: 

  • Multiple fitness industry awards
  • International media attention
  • a #1 best-selling book
  • a TEDx talk
  • Transforming thousands of bodies all over the world
  • Which is why other programs have failed you.
  • You can find a coach who will help you with your mindset...but they aren't qualified to give you a kickass training program.
  • You can hire a trainer to help you build muscle...but they won't take a holistic view of your life.
  • You can buy a meal service to help you eat healthy meals...but if your mindset isn't aligned with an identity of a healthy eater, you will just cheat as soon as you can.
  • Here's how The Masters Of Fitness Awesomeness Program works:

Phase 1: Make simple healthy changes


We’ve taken the guesswork out of getting healthy:


✔️ Just grab the weekly grocery list and recipes for your (mouthwateringly-tasty!) meals.


✔️ Press ‘play’ on a kickass workout video and be done in 28 minutes or less.

You’ll be finished before you can even talk yourself out of it ;)

There’s literally no thinking involved. Just follow the plan. That’s it.

(Before you know it, you’ll be shimmying into those sexy jeans that you thought you'd never wear again.. )

Phase 2: Compound Your Results With Habit Stacking + Accountability

Every month we introduce a new keystone habit and leverage the power of habit stacking. 

Why? This is how your fitness results accelerate as the year progresses.

Imagine the difference in your behaviour when you have expert mentors who are watching your results over the next year.

Not to mention a peer group who is doing every workout with you and cheering you on.

Phase 3: Become a true Master...of YOURSELF

You’ll watch your body - and your brain - change as you reinforce these new habit loops so it becomes easy and automatic.

No more willpower needed. 

Every month is something new so you stay motivated. 

You start customizing your nutrition with our meal planner because you know exactly what works for you.

There won't be any more 'falling off the wagon' when things get hard because now you have the tools, support and IDENTITY that you need. 

You are just a healthy person now.

Take THAT, yo-yo diet pattern!

  • Ready to feel amazing in your skin again?
  • Get in the best shape of your life:
    (yes, even at your  age!)

A Year Of Expert Nutrition

The MFA makes eating healthy a no-brainer with done-for-your meal planning and recipes to suit everyone in the family.

  • Weekly meal plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner, with options for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Done-for-you grocery lists so you don't have to think. Just buy what's on the grocery list, cook the easy recipe and the results will take care of themselves
  • On-demand access to our in-house Nutrition Ninja and dietician for customized substitutions. Need a gluten free paleo kosher variation? Bring it.

12 Monthly Home Training Programs

Train at home with multi-award winning fitness coaches and a program that gives you visible results while having more fun than you ever thought possible:

  • Easy-to-follow exercise videos top out at 28 minutes and require no fancy equipment.
  • Maximum variety. Every thing from Dance to Bootcamp to Yoga to Boxing. So there’s no chance of a plateau and you'll never be bored.
  • Unique program design keeps burning calories long after you’ve finished your workout.
  • Access to top experts (including a physiotherapist!) for personalized modifications!

Mindset And Habit Coaching

The MFA is a true program of MASTERING your healthy lifestyle - no matter what life throws at you.

And it’s not just about eating this and burpeeing that.  

That’s why we train you on critical Keystone Habits. For example:

  • December: Personal Training and Exercise Consistency
  • January: Goal setting and habit design
  • October: The 10,000 Step Challenge 
  • November: Sleep and meditation
  • March: Meal Prep madness!

Support And Accountability

When you join the MFA, be prepared to be very very well taken care of:

  • Personalized coaching/nutrition/physiotherapy in the MFA Facebook group. (Hi! We see you:)
  • Mind-blowing trainings on goal setting and habit building.
  • Weekly motivational emails so you stay focused and pumped up.
  • "I LOVE exercising... for the first time ever in my life!!!"

In the MFA you get 1 year of: 

  • Carefully crafted meal plans for maximum nutrient density and fat loss (VALUE $1800)
  • Home workouts that get you strong and toned in the least amount of time (VALUE $1200)
  • Personalized advice from personal trainers, nutrition experts and a physical therapist (VALUE $6000) 

Dude, that’s over $12,000 in value for less than a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte a day!

Ready to FINALLY love how your body looks and feels? 

We are open to the public now! (Until Dec 2nd 2022)

One time payment of 

(save a cool $300)

12 payments of 

(low monthly payment)

Need help ordering or have questions? Hit us up!

"This is the best I have looked and felt since I was a teenager." 

- Deb T.

"I thought I was pretty healthy before but this program has been a game changer. The results were shocking."

- Kali S.

  • The MFA can save you money.

Think of all the money you might be wasting right now:

  • Ordering take out too often because you don't know what to cook.
  • Watching the expensive produce rot at the bottom of your fridge because you didn't have a PLAN
  • Paying a gym you never get to - or a boutique fitness studio where each class is costing you $30
  • Hiring a trainer to give you an effective workout plan
  • Hiring a nutritionist to make sure you are getting optimal nutrients
  • Buying ANOTHER piece of fitness equipment, thinking you might actually use it this time...
  • Hiring a coach to help with mindset and self sabotage

The MFA can pay for itself, and can even go beyond that by keeping more money in your pocket.

 Join the MFA and spend less on groceries & dining in 2023.

  • "This is the best money I have spent in my adult life." - Carla

OK, so maybe you’re wondering if you can just sign up monthly.

Short answer: no, you can't.


This isn’t some fad diet where you only eat stewed cabbage soup for 2 months, give up because it’s disgusting, and end up right where you started.


(Plus, if you’re just “giving it a try”, are you realllllly committing to your health?  *gives you side-eye*)


This is a sustainable lifestyle change.


You need to get through all the tricky ‘milestones’ where people fall off the bandwagon - birthdays, Christmas, vacations, shitty days at work - to prove to yourself that you have really mastered this.


It's simple:

Short commitment = temporary results. 

Real commitment = lifelong results

You ready to ditch the diet mentality and commit for real this time?

  • "I woke up today feeling so strong -  I'm so grateful to have found this program!" - Denise

If you are looking for body composition changes....

  • Marie lost 50 pounds, while being a single mom to a busy 4-year-old. “I’ve never been happier and I’m in such a good place”
  • Tracy shed 41 pounds, went from size 16/18 to size 10 - and hasn’t touched a Big Mac in 241 days! She’s in better shape mentally and physically at 50 years old than she’s ever been.
  • Hilary’s husband dropped 40 pounds, and now eating well and working out is something they enjoy together (yup - don't be surprised when there's a ripple effect on the people around you..)

But it's more more than that.

  • Susan shopped at a regular store for the first time in almost 20 years
  • Tracy pranced around the house like she was “Scarlett freakin’ Johanssen” because she fit into her ‘goal jeans’
  • On her 49th birthday, Leslie is “feeling spectacular” wearing the same size clothing as her 17-year-old daughter 
  • Amilie rocked a bikini by the pool 
  • Kelly got rid of her ‘fat clothes’ that she was keeping “just in case” because she’ll never need them again
  • Enroll now and get these bonuses for free:

Bonus #1:

The MFA Meal Planning Software

(a $997/year value)

We’ve got you covered with done-for-you meal plans for every week of the year.

But just in case you're a rebel (or you have some family favourites), you can quickly create a custom meal plan with our signature recipes that work for your family using our amazing recipe system.

Bonus #2: 30 Day Action Plan Call

(a $297 value)

We want you to see massive results within the first 30 days of your MFA year.

This call is where you will be working live with Oonagh and the Fit Feels Good coaches to get total clarity on your action plan, so you can START 2023 already feeling like you've made huge progress!

Bonus #3: The 28 Day Transformation  (a $297 value)

Our signature Transformation Program is included.

MF'ers love our progressive 28 Day Transformation program anytime they want to do a reset of their healthy habits or get to the next level.

  • Plus! Extra support when you need it most (value: priceless)

The Menopause Module

If you are starting to feel the effects of peri-menopause or menopause, we got you. 

This module gives you the workout and nutrition adjustments that respond to your changing body and ensure that your fittest, strongest years are ahead of you.

The Fight The Fuckits Module

You know when you start to lose motivation for your healthy habits and say, "Fuck it. I’m sick of eating healthy – pass the double crème brie and the port.”?

That pattern ends with this module where we give you the psychology to get you right back on track with minimum drama. Bye-bye yo-yo dieting pattern.

Powerful Parents Module

Get quick access to our kid-friendly recipe database, the family workout video, breastfeeding nutritional modifications, and the Flat Belly, Strong Core Program (suitable for new mums and diastasis recti).

  • The 30-Day Feel Good Money Back Guarantee

I am so positive that you will LOVE the MFA Program that you can try it for 30 DAYS and if you don't get awesome results, you can ask for your money back.

That's how confident I am that you will love this program. No matter how many times you've 'failed' before.

There is literally no risk to you. 

*We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please view our full policy »

  • FAQs

Questions MF’ers asked before saying “Oh hell yes!!” to the year that changed everything:

I am a vegan / I have food allergies…can I still do the program?

Heck yes! This program comes with both Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition systems. All our meals are gluten free and mostly dairy free. And let's say you are some kind of freak who only eats grass-fed bananas or whatever? Just tag your on-call nutrition expert in the Facebook group and she'll come up with some personalized modifications just for you.

How much time will this actually take? My days are already crazy!

Saving busy MF’ers time and effort is my PASSION. That's why everything is done for you - all you have to do is execute and watch the results on your sweet, sweet bod. And execution is easy with simple recipes, pre-prepped grocery lists, 28 min at-home workouts and meal prep checklists. No thinking required. So much time saved. Radical results.

I’m not sure I can afford it…

We get that not everyone can lay out $1500USD at once and that's why we have the $150 a month payment plan.
And here's an affordability test that you might want to put to yourself: Can you afford a Starbucks coffee every day? Because this life changing program costs less than that.  If you are a Starbucks drinker, then it’s not a matter of affordability - it’s a matter of what is important to you. And if you don't think this program is going to be a total game-changer for you, you can get your money back after participating for a  month. No problem.

Is the MFA appropriate for family?

A lot of our Transformers LOVE the impact this program has on their family and the only problem is that the leftovers go too fast!  I'd suggest doubling that delicious recipe, Mama (or Papa). Oh - and if you are nursing or recently post-partum, I've included a Core Training Guide and nutritional adaptations for you too. 

Is this a month-to-month membership?

No – this is a year long curriculum. There is no month to month option.

What happens after the year?

You can decide to graduate with flying colours or stay with the community and get ongoing support for a reduced fee.

Who is the MFA for?

The rebels who are ready to say "bye, Felicia!" to the diet industry and enter the MFA will have the most transformative year of their lives. This is you if:

  • You are ready to ditch the fad diet industry and get real with genuine change
  • You want your health to be fun and easy, rather than a duty
  • You value the science and research behind a habits-based system rather than hype and hysteria about the latest fad
  • Are overwhelmed by the amount of information and just want an expert to give you a plan that actually works
  • You know what they should be doing, but just can’t make yourself DO it.

Who should NOT sign up for the MFA?

You should not sign up for MFA if you:

  • You are looking for a quick fix diet and aren’t really interested in getting into the mindset and psychology behind your habits
  • Get offended by swearing and dirty jokes ;)
  • You are really attached to a victim story of why you can’t lose weight and aren’t willing to change it.
  • You hate cheesy 90s music
  • You prefer to follow a perfectly produced ‘celebrity trainer’ instead of interacting with real, live experts.
  • Losing weight and getting fit is just not important to you right now
  • "The MFA is your growth journey to the person you want to be." - Brenden

And we can get you there in just 12 months.

  • Step into your awesomeness.

One year with EVERYTHING you need to truly transform your health:

In the MFA you get:

  • Delicious weekly meal plans & grocery lists with family-approved recipes so it’s quick + easy to eat healthy  
  • New workout program every month so you get progressively fitter and stay motivated
  • Access to our physical therapist + nutritionist for personalized modifications to meals and workouts
  • Meal planning software so you can customize meals for your family
  •  Monthly deep dive trainings that keep you engaged all year
  • Easy-to-follow quick workout videos you can do at home, that get you strong and toned in the least amount of time
  • Monthly challenges on different keystone habits to build healthy routines
  • Mentorship and coaching from fitness, mindset & nutrition experts so you always get your questions answered
  • Weekly emails so you stay on track with your goals!
  • A social support system that will make you 600% more likely to achieve your goals

One time payment of 

(save a cool $300)

12 payments of 

(low monthly payment)

Need help or have questions? 

We are ready to chat!

  • Do a quick heart and gut check.

Most people spend their whole lives wishing they were in better shape. That’s a tragedy and a freaking waste of precious life energy. 

You’ve got one life to life and one body to live it in. If you’ve been de-prioritizing yourself and your health, it’s time to own your right to feel just as healthy and hot as you wanna.

Ready to truly Master your body and health?

Ready for the year that will change everything?

You can reclaim your brilliant brain, your banging body and your delicious life.

Ready? Good. We are too.