Nutrition 911


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Of COURSE the best option is just to pack out your carrot sticks and quinoa patties.

But remember –

ANY effort you make to eat well on the road is a small win (as discussed in my post How To Stay Fit When It’s Party Time.)  Every time you DON’T order this:


(even though you kind of secretly -or not so secretly- really want it), you are striking a blow for your own good health and also voting with your dollars for healthier options to be made available.

Go Team!

See you at McDonalds! 😉

What do you eat at fast food restaurants? Will anything in this post change your next drive through order? Still salivating over that picture above? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Oonagh Duncan is a multi-award winning personal trainer and regular fitness expert on various media. She’s an acclaimed speaker in the corporate sector, educator for new fitness professionals and founder of Fit Feels Good, Inc.

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