Has this ever been you?

You are off on your Summer vacation!

You remembered the water wings for the kids, the sun hats, the stacks of books you’ve been meaning to read, the charger for your phone, you’ve filled the iPad with movies to keep your kids from complaining in the car, you’ve asked a neighbour to water your plants and you finally set the auto-responder on your email. It pretty much says:

See ya, suckers! I AM OUT.

But then twenty minutes later…

…and you realize you forgot to pack any food for the 4 hour drive.

And everyone is starving. And you kind of were starting this thing where you wanted to start eating healthy…and sort of thought it might be nice to feel good on your vacation instead of kind of bloated and yucky. So what are your options?


What to eat in an emergency

This is the three step process I’ll go through to find the best choice on any menu. Read on to find my restaurant-specific recommendations so you don’t have to think at all. This is your vacation, after all.

1. Find The Vegetables

They are often not prominently displayed but they are usually there. The first goal of any healthy meal is to fill half of your plate with vegetables. From there, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

2. Add Some Protein

This isn’t hard for meat eaters as there is usually a slab of meat wherever you go. Vegetarians aren’t usually going to find tempeh and edamame at the side of the highway but keep your eye open for greek yogurt,pre-made smoothies with protein added,  nuts and eggs.

3. Damage Control

Just because you are suddenly FORCED to eat fast food doesn’t mean you get to be like:

NO. There are lots of ways you control the damage done by a fast food meal:

  • Fuck that combo. It’s the devil’s work. Get the burger if you must but drink water and avoid the fries.
  • PORTION CONTROL. A little bit of anything won’t kill you. If you are used to getting the 12inch sub, try the 6 inch and see if you actually die of starvation before the next exit.
  • Have it your way. Reduce the amount of extra sugary sauces and low quality cheese, take off half of the crappy bun and ask for extra veggies.

Of COURSE the best option is just to pack out your carrot sticks and quinoa patties.

But remember –

ANY effort you make to eat well on the road is a small win (as discussed in my post How To Stay Fit When It’s Party Time.)  Every time you DON’T order this:

(even though you kind of secretly -or not so secretly- really want it), you are striking a blow for your own good health and also voting with your dollars for healthier options to be made available.

Go Team!

See you at McDonalds! 😉

What do you eat at fast food restaurants? Will anything in this post change your next drive through order? Still salivating over that picture above? Leave a comment and let me know!