Last week I asked some of my most successful clients:


I’m a personal trainer  – but there is something pretty awesome about tapping into a hive mind of normal people (with jobs and kids and social lives) who have collectively lost hundreds of pounds and completely changed their fitness trajectory.

They had a lot to say – and I’m so excited to share it with you in a series called Transformer Tips, starting with Holly.

Holly was actually our Fitness Story a few months ago. Since then, she’s reflected on the 6 things she did that actually delivered the results:

The 6 Things I Did to Lose 25lbs in 9 Months

by Holly Best

Scrimmaging through the storage closet for the only power cord we apparently own in the entire house, I stumbled upon our family scale.

Odd – as I had sworn I had thrown that sucker under the nearest bus this past spring, after it accurately informed me that I had gained 2.5 pounds.

Punch drunk from the paint fumes leaking out from the under a pile of skates, I recklessly decided to give it a go.

And it is at this point we all freak out when I reveal that  I most definitely have lost 25lbs.

Nine months ago, this plump, completely unhealthy, happy Momma (me) decided to get fit by joining all the things that Oonagh has put her name on.

And now with the holidays squarely in my face, I am THAT GIRL – the one who has A Weight-Loss Story.

That’s great, you wonder, but most probably shouting, how the hell did you do it?

Do these 6 things – and you too will be approaching strangers, yelling at them that you lost 25 pounds.


Nothing begins without a willingness to do something, anything.

Just do it for god’s sakes, who cares if

  • your clothes aren’t hip
  • your sneakers are sneakers, not trainers
  • that you tend to turn bright as a tomato after running half a block.

No one, truly cares, NO ONE.

But you will, trust me on this, you will every single time the endorphins hit and that little pride button starts shining.


2. Sweat:

Walking for 2 hrs –  while great – isn’t really going to burn the sweet muffin top off.

After working-out you should be an uncomfortably smelly version of yourself, vindicated by what you have accomplished but disgusted by your own body aura.


3. Support:

Find a support group, a work-out buddy, someone who will make you accountable because guess what losing 25 pounds healthfully is not going to happen after two weeks.

We are talking months people. MONTHS.

Personally, I enjoy having a trainer at hand, and a community of like-minded Transformers who will kick my butt while patting me on the back when things seem impossible.

Go figure, I am human.


4. Ignore:

Ignorance is bliss. Or at least it is with me.

The scale is my enemy, rather than showcasing a slow, positive decrease in poundage, the scale forever triggers my inner demon who whispers,

“you’re so fat”

“what the hell, only 2 pounds”


To replace the scale, I use the clothing perspective, when a pair of pants I had in the closet for 3 years, FELL OFF my body in August, I realized that this shit was real.

Screw you scale.  The pants don’t lie.


5. Reduce:

Guess what? I ate too bloody much. All the bloody time.


The only way I learnt this was by joining the 28 Day Transformation.

It forced me to portion control, eat my veggies like some type of guru, stop snacking on my kid’s uneaten meals, and finally instructed me that sugar is not my boyfriend. My gawd, I wish I had a sugar boyfriend. Wait, I’m married.


6. Enjoy:

With all things in life, you should enjoy yourself, as these annual trips around the sun, are finite.

Once I realized that I hated lettuce, I stopped munching on it like some sad, depressive bunny.

The same can be said of running: it sucks.

Kickboxing and Bootcamp for some reason do not – hence my continued commitment to do both for close to an entire year.


There are a myriad of healthy options out there, folks – find what makes your heart sing, and you too will have a partner call you a gym rat (happily).


My name is Holly and this is my weight loss story. I still can’t believe it.


Holly Best – @GirlsSciFi

Holly Best, stay-at-home momma by day, voracious sci-fi reader by night, is taking over the world, one book review at a time. Her blog, Thank the Maker  is her perspective on all things sci-fi, and how it all ladders back to being a doting mom. Acquiring full geek status (and keeping it) isn’t easy and it’s one task Holly takes seriously, as she curls up with her favourite space operatic tome, quietly avoiding the laundry.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? Or what would you like to know about losing 25lbs in 9 months? Leave a comment below!