You know how you go to the cottage… and there’s nothing to do but sit around and drink beer and eat chips?

And you keep thinking,


And you’ve already done The Original Cottage Workout so many times?


Welcome to the Cottage Workout 2.0! It’s another full body workout using only items you will find at most cottages. You will need:

  • An old life jacket
  • A boat bumper
  • A ladder
  • A solid chair
  • Your Cottage Workout 2.0 PDF

Click here to be sent a PDF of the workout to take with you before your next weekend at the lake!

Make sure you warm up first – a 5-10 swim or a jog would do the trick. Alternatively, do 20 jumping jacks and 20 alternating lunges four times each to lubricate the joints and get the muscles warm and ready for action.

Then, do 20 reps of each exercise in a circuit, keeping the transitions between the exercises quick so your heart rate stays elevated. You should be huffing and puffing the whole time.

If you can repeat the whole circuit four times, you have definitely earned your Miller time.


Station 1: Ladder Dips

Station 2: Life jacket Lunges

Station 3: Ladder Pull Ups

Station 4: Bumper Wall Sit

Station 5: Muskoka Mountain Climbers:

Station 6: Bumper Plank Roll Outs

So what do you think? Is The Cottage Workout 2.0 as hard as the Original Cottage Workout? Are you inspired to bring your runners next time you head up north?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to bring your PDF!(click below to download)

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