So today I’m going to tell you what to do when you ‘plateau.’

I’m going to:

  • tell you why it happens
  • Give you a game plan to get over your plateau and start seeing results again.

First of all-

Let’s define the difference between a Maintenance phase and a Plateau:

A Maintenance phase is when you are feeling pretty good about your body and your fitness and you aren’t driving towards a particular goal (like weight loss). Instead, you are maintaining your fitness through regular exercise and good nutrition that’s become normal for you and it feels good.

A plateau is when you’ve achieved a certain amount of fitness success and it seems that it all of a sudden what you are doing stops working. It was working  – great. And then what was magic at first starts to bring diminishing returns and then it feels like you are busting your butt and getting no where.

Basically – a plateau sucks.

And here’s why it happens. You are ignoring the principal of Progressive Overload. The principal of Progressive Overload states that:

If you want to see continued improvement, you need to continually challenge yourself. 

Now I know you are thinking


but seriously – let this sink in:


So now you might be feeling kind of frustrated or overwhelmed because you are thinking I’m busting my butt- how can I challenge myself more?

It’s actually pretty simple. There are 4 variables we can play with to progress our workouts and our nutrition program. In this infographic,  I’ll go through them one by one.

By the end, you should have a pretty good plan for how to bust out of your plateau!

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