The Transformation In Tulum

This is NOT Your Average Retreat

FEBRUARY 24th -MARCH 2nd, 2019 in Mexico

(With ongoing support for all of 2019! )


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What if…

Imagine an entire week to devote to just feeling GOOD.  To having FUN while you nurture a lean and healthy body and a happy mind. Imagine knowing that unbelievable week was the kick off to a whole year of the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to create…

I’m talking about eating only the fresh and delicious nutritious food that is exactly what your body is screaming for. Biking to ancient ruins. Laughing through workouts on the beach. Sunset drinks by the pool with friends.

Having a multi-award winning trainer that knows you personally overseeing your program so you know you are going to get results this time.

Imagine getting individualized coaching that blows away any mindset blocks that are getting in the way of your goals.

Imagine just getting some time to chill  and know that you are FINALLY taking care of yourself.

Imagine leaving with a PLAN of action that you created with your multi-award winning coach and a whole year of support so that you know you will actually do it this time.

Now add a backdrop of warm sea breezes, powdery sand between your toes and a hammock on the balcony of your own slice of eco-chic paradise.

Imagine being on that hammock and knowing that you’ve just started the rest of your kick ass life.


(*subject to change and increased awesomeness)

February 4th 2019

Your  online Get Ready For Mexico 28 Day Transformation Challenge starts!

Be prepared for visible, measurable results even before you board that plane!

The Retreat! (In Mexico)

Sunday, Feb 24th

Arrive in Mexico for the week of your life! / Walk along one of world’s most beautiful beaches and get some pool time / Welcome dinner party!


Core & Glutes Galore Workout / Goal setting workshop / Personal Time / Sunset Happy Hour!


Mama said Knock You Out Boxing Workout/ Leisurely bike ride to Mayan Ruins / Pool time and chill


Yoga on the beach / Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Action Plan Workshop / Free time / Shopping and girls night on the town!


Super secret surprise fun workout 😉 / Jungle walk to a beautiful cenote / Mexican healthy cooking class


Kettlebell FUNdamentals / How Not To Quit Workshop / Pool time and chill /  1:1 private meeting with Oonagh / Dance party with special international guest star!


Bodyweight strength and stretch / free time / Get on the plane feeling more excited and alive than you have felt in 10 years 🙂

March 4th 2019 – January 2020 (online)

  • Weekly healthy meal plans for an entire year (no trial and error. We tell you exactly what to eat to stay lean and healthy)
  • New 30 min workouts you can do at home so you never plateau
  • Ongoing coaching and accountability with Oonagh and your new friends so you really stick with it this time!

Not a just week long retreat

…but a kick off to your new healthy life. 🙂

I saved your room for you.

When was the last time you  came home from a vacation lighter and healthier?

Hi. I’m Oonagh

I’ll be your coach/trainer/bff during the Transformation In Tulum. Actually – for an entire year.

I’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world change their bodies and their lives through a habits-based approach to health, weight loss and general awesomeness.

(It’s the non-batshit-crazy approach that people come to when they are finally ready to step off the diet roller coaster, start seeing some results around the belly and – most importantly – start living their damn lives instead of counting calories and carbs. )

Usually I deliver those results with my five -star-reviewed program, The 28 Day Transformation Challenge. And it works so well that 97% of people have said ‘this program changed my life’. And don’t worry – we are going to do that groundbreaking program together so you can arrive in Mexico already feeling confident and fitter than you’ve ever been.

Then we take it to the next level. Think about this luxury…

  • Leave the shopping, food prep and clean up to the experts.  All you’ve got to do is show up for the fresh local organic feast –  and watch the results.
  • Need motivation?  How about your award-winning trainer  right there with you, being a total goofball and making you laugh while giving you personalized modifications during your workout?
  • How much more INSPIRED would you be when the experience is not just about meals and workouts –  but about a state of mind, a way of life…something that can only be experienced when you are spending a whole week together in real life?
  • How RELIEVED will you be when you know you are going  home to a whole year of support so you can realistically maintain this feeling in your ‘real life’?

This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen at home.

Your Instagram followers are gonna be

So Pissed

Grab Your Room Now:


$3500USD for shared accommodation  ( $750 deposit plus two payments of $1375)

$5000USD for single accommodation ( $750 deposit plus two payments of $2125)

**The Tulum retreat has been sold out!**

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(PSSST…. book early because room assignments are first come, first serve!)

What’s Included:

  • BONUS: A special ‘Get Ready For Mexico’ edition of the 28 Day Transformation Challenge. Starts Jan 14th. (Value $297!!)

  • 6 nights, 7 days in paradise with Oonagh and a bunch of other cool people

  • Awesome workouts, spectacular food and active adventures so you can get fitter on your holiday without even having to try

  • Ridiculously fun excursions

  • TONS of downtime to just chill or go explore on your own

  • Workshops on mindset, habits and healthy living by Oonagh. (Expect to leave with a total mindset shift that will help you move past any mental blocks that are holding you back from getting your best, healthiest body!)

  • Your personal travel concierge so you don’t have to worry about the details. She’ll get you a group rate and find you the cheapest flight and arrange your transfers and help you pick your room. You can leave everything to us. 🙂

  • All taxes and gratuities. Keep yo’ pesos in yo pocket.

  • A private, 1:1 consult with Oonagh where you will leave with your follow up plan for real life.  Whatever is getting in the way of you living your healthiest, happiest life – this is where we figure that shit out. 🙂

  • BONUS: An entire YEAR of meal plans, workouts and support – so that you know this is really the start of a whole new lifestyle. (Value $3564!!)

Don’t forget Your Game-Changer Bonuses…

Pre-Trip Bonus: 

All registrants can get a head start with a Get Ready For Mexico version of  Oonagh’s 5 star reviewed 28 Day Transformation Challenge starting January 7th.

Value $297

Post-Trip Bonus: 

After the 28 day challenge, you’ll also be added for a complimentary YEAR OF SUPPORT inside our exclusive Masters Of Fitness Awesomeness Program. This includes a healthy meal plan (with grocery lists) for every week of the year plus body-sculpting workout videos that you can do from home and an entire YEAR of support and accountability!

(When was the last time you had a vacation that gave you that!?)

Value $3564


  • Flights and Transfers to and from the resort
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Wifi at the resort (available for $25USD for the week)
  • Alcohol (available for purchase)

You will fly into Cancun airport. You’ll want to arrive on February 24th and leave on March 2nd.

But don’t worry- we’ll take care of you. As soon as you book your spot, you’ll be contacted by your travel concierge, who is arranging group discounts on flights and transfers and can also hook you up with insurance if you need it. Even if you want to book points, she’ll make sure someone is there to meet your flight and your entire experience goes smoothly.

The rooms are allocated on a first come first serve basis so put your deposit down as early as you can!

After you’ve booked your spot, you will be contacted by your personal travel concierge, who will work out the best flights for you and arrange your transfers. She’ll also help you pick your room  and hook you up with a roommate if you want to share.

The food  is simple, nourishing whole foods and made from local, chemical-free produce. Think fresh caught fish, grilled chicken and lots of fresh fruit like papaya, mango and pineapple. Expect a variety of signature salads (including jicama, pumpkin seeds and chia) that will leave you feeling satisfied but a little lighter and cleaner.

There will be vegan and gluten free options as well.

Once your room is booked, it is non-refundable deposit. However, you can transfer it to someone else in case of emergency.

Then you should definitely chill! Only you know what your body and soul needs to best integrate the Tulum Transformation experience. No pressure to do anything.

Yup! We will find you someone awesome to share a room with two queen beds.

We aren’t so much about HARD workouts as AWESOME workouts.  The whole point of exercise is to feel good. We are going to have people there who are exercising for the first time. We will also have people there who want a serious burn.  Which means that you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself if you want – or chill as needed.

The important thing is that no one is going to judge and no one is going to yell at you. You have a multi-award winning trainer who grew up feeling like the most embarrassing thing in the world was exercising. I know what it’s like to dread the idea of being the least fit person who can’t keep up. I will never create that atmosphere in my classes. You are safe. You are loved EXACTLY how you are.

And you are going to start a new stage in your fitness on this trip. That’s what’s happening in these workouts.

And don’t worry – the program will be a split training program so if your arms are sore from boxing, we’ll be doing some extra abs and glutes the next day while you recover.  🙂

Oh hey!

I ordered you a Margarita

One More Thing…

You only only get so much vacation time.

Let’s face it – you only get so much time – PERIOD.

It’s up to you to make sure that time counts.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the daily grind and checklists.

It’s not a surprise that you’ve probably put yourself and your health on the backburner for so long.

But trust me: A regular beach holiday isn’t going to do shit to improve your life.

You need a week away that will

…remind you of how good it feels to be healthy

…support you long after the trip is over

….and give you the tools to do exactly that

You need this.

You deserve to FEEL GOOD.


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