This week I got a question from someone I know. I’ll call her Tina (because that isn’t her name):

“What is the best way to burn more body fat – especially on the front and back of thighs? I eat mostly well, feel very strong and I’m working out…but how do I get defined muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite on my thighs?”

Now here’s the thing.

I know Tina. She isn’t lying when she says that she eats well and works hard and has muscle.

…..And she probably isn’t lying when she says she also has cellulite (about 90% of women do).

So here’s the decision I was faced with as a trainer. I could:

A.Tell Tina about a whole bunch of strength training exercises that will build her quadriceps and hamstrings. Tell her to limit her already healthy eating, reduce all carbs and alcohol to really lean out and get some definition. Advise using Preparation H and fake tanning cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite (<—-little tip I learned from some of my bodybuilding students when I was teaching the Personal Trainer certification course  ;). So, yeah – Tina could achieve her goal – but it would be a total Project.

Or I could

B. Ask Tina WHY she wants muscle definition and no cellulite on her thighs.

I know: Duh, right?

She probably wants to feel confident and hot in a bathing suit, or short shorts. And who would blame her? Feeling confident and hot RULES.

But after you’ve put in a reasonable amount of effort on a exercise and nutrition (as Tina already does), I would argue that the most efficient way to achieve the goal of feeling confident and hot is just…practice feeling confident and hot.

Exactly as you are.

THAT is the ‘muscle’ you need to train.

So here is my suggested training program for Tina:

– Do activities, listen to music and wear clothes that put you in the state of feeling confident and hot.

– Hang out with people that think that you (and your thighs) are freaking awesome. Ghost on anyone who makes you feel yucky about yourself.

– Challenge yourself to go ahead and wear the short shorts and every time you hear yourself thinking ‘oh no – can they see my cellulite’?, try to replace that thought with something like ‘ everyone is looking at my hella hot legs. You’re WELCOME, world.’

Now. I’m not saying ^^^this stuff^^^ is easy.

But on the other hand – neither is a grueling leg training program combined with no carbs or alcohol.

And I guarantee Plan B will result in a more fun Summer   😉

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