Trying to find that perfect gift for the health and wellness conscious person on your list, whether it be for the upcoming holidays or another occasion can be a daunting task. This is precisely why we polled our “Transformers” (graduates of our 28-Day Transformation) who live the Fit Feels Good life 24/7!

We asked for specific criteria:
– What is the kitchen (household) gadget(s) that is tried and true that you can’t live without?
– What don’t you have that is (or is going to be) on your wishlist?
– What “non-food/kitchen gadget but fits your lifestyle” item would you add?

Let me say this… the responses came spilling in fast and furious!
We collected the data, split it into categories, and narrowed it down to a top 10!

The Ultimate Wish List!

1. A really good blender
2. Cordless FITNESS headphones
3. Fitness/activity tracker
4. Sports Bra
5. Soda maker 
6. Spiralizer
7. Music streaming subscription
8. Gift Cards/Certificates
9. Experiences!
10. Time 😉

Then, we combed the best review sites and listed the best buys for each item, potentially saving you hours of online shopping!

Click the links below to see the best of the best and crush your Christmas shopping list this year, or maybe pass them on to someone who wants to get you the perfect gift this year and might need a ‘little hint’ 🙂

1. Now, of course, the Vitamix is the Rolls Royce of blenders and it is worth the investment (and yes, it’s an investment) if you or your significant other are planning to use it daily. Is it not quite in your budget? Harley Pasternak’s Blender is a good mid-range machine, while the Nutribullet gets the job done, without leaving a big dent in your wallet!

2. Cordless Fitness Headphones came up a lot in our survey. When you’re getting your sweat on, the last thing you want is a pesky cord getting in the way! These two headphones sound great, last for hours and can handle the torrents of ear sweat you may or may not produce. 🙂 Some people like on-the-ear and runners and people who bounce around a lot go for in-the-ear.

3. Fitness trackers were also very popular with our gang. There are many on the market, so which one you choose depends on what your individual needs are. The Fitbit Inspire is pretty much all you need for a great price and it can be hooked up to multiple apps and fitness communities for fun contests! If you want to treat someone to a full high-tech model with heart rate monitoring and GPS, the Garmin VivoSport does it all for the best price and isn’t huge or ugly. Bonus!

4. OK… so this one is a little trickier. Sports Bras. Much coveted. Much needed. But very specific with regards to fit and preference. We HIGHLY recommend giving a gift certificate (Nike, Lululemon, Sports Check, etc…) or cold hard cash! Maybe make a card in the shape of or with a picture of a sports bra so the receiver knows the intention of the GC or money.

5. Our other criteria when making our list were gifts that either benefitted or protected the environment. Not only does the Soda Stream Source allow you to fizz up your water, without all the added sugars and chemicals, but it also saves thousands of plastic bottles from being circulated! If you want to bring the fizz to juices and maybe even perhaps, say… YOUR FAVOURITE WINE, you can go for the iDrink Drinkmate (PROtip: you will void your warranty if you use the Soda Stream for anything other than water, hence the Drinkmate)

6. Our Transformers are quite adept at subbing in veggies for otherwise ‘carby’ additions to meals. So it was no surprise that the Spiralizer made the top ten! Again you can go simple, handheld, or kick it up a notch with a multi-blade tabletop version! Zoodles for everyone!

7. Whether you’re looking for calming meditations or a list of kick-ass workout power songs, a subscription to a music streaming platform would be a welcome gift! Both Spotify & Apple Music have custom curated workout playlists to please every taste! Google Play gives you access to ‘YouTube music’ as well so tunes will continue to play even when you leave the Youtube app on your device.

8. While a lot of people think Gift Cards to be “impersonal”, pretty much everyone mentioned them in their wishlists! This will allow your fitness fanatic to zero in on exactly the item they have been coveting, without having to go through that whole “gift receipt”/exchange” frustration. Something general like Amazon covers most of the bases, but you could also zero in on their favourite shops, grocery stores, gyms, etc…

9. Experiences are great! And again a popular choice, the most popular being a spa day (or a gift certificate for spa treatments) Other’s that came up were theatre tickets, trips, and sporting events!

10. Time. No, we’re not being cute. Remember when you were young and made ‘coupons’ that promised the receiver good deeds? Well, a coupon promising to take some of the pressure off and give your Transformer some “me time” would only cost you some of your time, but the rewards would be priceless. Some ideas for what the coupons could be redeemed for:
Doing the dishes/cleaning the kitchen after dinner for a week!
Taking care of the kids in the morning to allow for meditation/workout time
Doing the grocery shopping
Prepping/cooking dinner once a week
An afternoon of “kid-free” time
etc… etc…

Honourable Mentions:

Exercise Gear
fit tubes, resistance bands, running belt, yoga mat, weights/kettlebells

Exercise clothing
running/training shoes, proper dry-wick socks, running/yoga tights, lights/reflectors

Kitchen Gear
(creating magic in the kitchen every day takes talent and apparently a few gadgets!)

crockpot, instapot, citrus juicer, good knives, fun leak-proof, washable lunch bags/containers, glass storage containers, spice jars, an excellent bamboo cutting board, beeswax storage wrappers

Gift Certificates
Spa’s, Gyms, Sports Gear/clothing stores, Grocery stores, activities (skiing, climbing, etc..), Amazon,

Book clubs, Yoga/Exercise videos, Meditation app, CSA box from a local organic farm,

Bullet Journal/accessories, Colouring books/pencils/markers (or a gift certificate to Art/Office store) Kindle, Article/Book subscription

Stocking stuffers
herbal teas, lip balms, bath lotions, red lipstick!, travel mug/Smoothie container