Are you ready to get your Martha Stewart on?

It’s time to create The Perfect Pantry.


It will help with you with your Meal Planning, which will help you not eat crap when you are busy.


I know.

But if you are well stocked, it’s actually easy peasy lemon squeezie to throw together simple healthy meals.

Imagine how you would never have an outfit crisis if the only clothes in your closet were deluxe and made you feel amazing.


^^^That’s exactly what it would be like if your pantry was all stocked up like Miss Perfecty Perfect.^^^

Step #1

 DOWNLOAD YOUR PERFECT PANTRY PDF (click image to grab it)

(includes Bonuses My Ferocious Freezer, My Funky Fridge and Where to Buy Guide) 

Step #2

Throw yourself a Tupperware Party:


  1. Toss out those ratty old yogurt and margarine containers. (if possible, rid yourself of any plastic containers… they leach all sorts of nastiness you don’t want to be ingesting!)


  1. Invest in some glass containers, with with tight sealing lids, that can go from fridge, to microwave, to freezer, to dishwasher. They also make great storage containers for nuts, seeds, and spices.


Step # 3:

Stock up Your  Ferocious Freezer!

  • Frozen berries/fruit for smoothies
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Emergency portions of meals/soups
  • Brick of tempeh (Vegheads)
  • Pound of ground beef (Meatheads)
  • Edamame (throw them in a soup to amp up your protein. Put them frozen on the table with some salt for an after school snack)
  • Single protein portions (chicken/fish, etc…)

TRAINER TIP: While portioning out your dinner, portion out a single serving in a freezer/oven proof container, and place in the fridge. Now you have lunch for tomorrow or an emergency meal to transfer to your freezer.

TRAINER TIP: Ladle single servings of soup into a freezer bag, burp all the air out and lay flat. Takes up way less room and it’s already portioned!


TRAINER TIP: Leftover herbs going to waste? chop or puree, place in ice cube container, top with olive oil and freeze. Pop one out when sauteeing veggies! Instant flavour bomb!

TRAINER TIP: While prepping for the week, pre-portion spinach/greens, and fruits/veggies for smoothies and store in freezer in individual freezer bags. (bags can be rinsed and reused for the next week!) This frees up space in your veggie drawer, ensures the ingredients are at peak freshness, and saves prep time in the morning.You can do the same with any dry ingredients.



Label and date what you put in your freezer! That way nothing is a mystery, and nothing goes to waste!


Step #4:

Stock Your Funky Fridge!



  • Grass Fed Butter/Ghee
  • GF Tamari Sauce
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Honey Mustard
  • Eggs
  • Miso
  • Minced Garlic Ginger
  • Hummus*
  • Pesto*
  • Sundried Tomatoes* Olives*

*good to have on hand for little pops of flavourful fat!*

PRO TIP: Keep a Brita filled in your fridge! Fill up your portable water bottles the night before and refill your Brita, so you always have your water at the ready!

PRO TIP: Know what’s in your fridge and where, especially if you have a crisper drawer you can’t see into! If you want to get super organized, make “zones” and use baskets to organize. (by type of food, or by day or by recipe)


PRO TIP: Prep as much as you can in advance, and have at the ready for meal prep. The less you have to “think” about it, the less likely you are to stray to the darkside!

PRO TIP: use a dry erase marker to write what you have in your fridge on the door, cross off or erase when out. (or start a new “need” list) Snap a pic of your door before you go shopping!



Cleaning/chopping fruits and veggies and storing in containers as you unpack your groceries is a great time saver later in the week.

(BUT if you’re not going to do that, DON’T wash in advance! This will advance the deterioration of some produce, leading to spoilage before you can use it, which obviously sucks.)

Where to buy:

Want to know the best places to grab your containers?

What you should buy at Costco vs. Bulk Barn?

Click the image below to get your free Perfect Pantry PDF download with bonuses:



Now that your pantry is up to snuff, click on the pic below to test it out with these quick and handy recipes!


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