The quick and dirty top ten things to do NOW to feel GOOD. DO them. Do them NOW.

1.  Don’t try to work off extra food with exercise– it won’t work!

2. Fill half of every plate with vegetables.

3. Keep experimenting until you find a movement/exercise that you love and then do it all the time.

4. Get honest with yourself about your booze intake and figure out the drinks you can live without.

5. Spend some time every Sunday meal prepping so you have healthy food in the fridge.

6. Have Amy’s Organic canned soup and bananas on hand for when you don’t do your Sunday prep.

7. Get at LEAST seven hours of sleep every night. Kill anyone who gets in your way.

8. Stop drinking pop.

9. Get up early do your healthy habits first thing. If you don’t, they won’t happen. No snooze button. Ever.

10. Meditate for 20 mins a day and most of the rest of it will fall into place.